Smokeless Image Volt Batteries Reviewed

I’m always looking for new e-cigarettes to try out. Call me vain, but for me, the appearance on an e-cigarette is a factor that I take into account when I’m shopping for batteries. Just think about how frequently you’ll be using the device. If you chain vape like some people I know, you will have your battery with you all the time, pretty much everywhere you go. So it stands to reason that you should give at least some thought to how the battery looks.

large batteryCall me old-fashioned, but I don’t favor the newer mod-style batteries. They just look too bulky and weird to me, and I tend to prefer devices that are small and portable. For this reason, I’ve always bought the small batteries that are about the same size as a standard cigarettes. The best way to get these kinds of batteries is to select a nice brand like Smokeless Image.

What I like about the Smokeless Image Volt batteries (which are KR808 threaded) is that they have a sleek look and come in many different colors. You can also choose different colors for your LED light. They look nice but at the same time, don’t call attention to themselves. That is just the look I want. If someone takes the time to actually look at it, it appears smooth and nice, but it’s not something that cries out for attention either. That’s one reason why I don’t get e-cig wraps myself. Some of them are rather flamboyant and at the end of the day, I just want something that looks cool but not outrageous.

In terms of the price you pay, Smokeless Image Volt batteries are $12.99, which is a couple dollars more than what you’d pay if you were to purchase unbranded e-cigarette batteries. such as the Kanger batteries. But I don’t pay face value since I use Smokeless Image Coupons, which you can get at