Getting good prices for vitamins with Pureformulas coupons

vitaminsVitamins can be anywhere from cheap to super-expensive, depending on the quality you’re willing to settle for. Given that it’s something you put in your body, I always try to buy the high quality vitamins with lots of nutritional content. Naturally, buying such supplements can cost a pretty penny. One or two bottles might not kill you, but if you take a half dozen supplements or more every day, the costs can definitely add up quickly.

So what is the solution? I certainly don’t want to start buying the cheap stuff at local drugstores, but most of the vitamin shops in my area charge quite a bit. Fortunately, I found out that by planning ahead of time and ordering online, I can save quite a bit. I do this by

  1. Comparing prices across multiple vitamin stores on the internet
  2. Use a Pureformulas discount coupon or similar online discounts from other vitamin stores. A good place to go to in order to get online coupons for vitamins is
  3. Purchasing in large quantities and stocking up, if my budget allows. The reason to do this is that you can often get extra discounts or free shipping for larger orders. Shipping can quickly add up for online purchases, so you want to get it free whenever possible.

You need to plan ahead to order vitamins online. I usually place an order as soon as I open up my last bottle. This way, I’m covered for at least a few weeks until my new batch of vitamins arrive.